MSDNAA Software Distribution Policy
  1. The distribution of MSDNAA software is restricted by the MSDNAA license agreement signed between the CS Department of City University of Hongkong and Microsoft.
  2. MSDNAA software are distributed to full time teaching staff of the CS department and CityU students taking at least one course from the CS department.
  3. MSDNAA software can only be installed on computer(s) owned by legitimated MSDNAA users.
  4. MSDNAA software can only be used for teaching and research purposes. Use of MSDNAA software in production or commercial environment is strictly prohibited.
  5. Under no circumstances can users copy, duplicate, share, lend or resell the whole or part of the MSDNAA software to any third parties.

Welcome to the CityU CS MSDNAA Program